Koni - Street & Performance Dampers


The KONI Classic line brings the latest in shock absorber technology to classic vehicles from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. These shocks deliver the same exceptional performance that KONI Specials offer to modern cars, ensuring your classic vehicle handles the road with precision and comfort. The classic and replacement shocks are finished in classic black or red and are easily recognizable with the "wing" logo.


Are you ready for an exciting road experience? For sharp curves, adrenaline-fueled drives, and precise handling? We understand what drives you. Introducing the STR.T Sport Damper, the ultimate solution for a KONI sport chassis experience. Get ready for a quick and easy upgrade to your vehicle's performance.

Special Active

Introducing the next level in premium shock absorbers - the latest advancement in the KONI product portfolio. With this innovative solution, you can enjoy superior handling without sacrificing comfort. Utilizing the latest iteration of KONI's patented Frequency Selective Damping technology, these shock absorbers expertly manage large body movements and cornering forces, while smoothing out rough roads and expansion joints for a comfortable ride. Experience the best of both worlds with KONI's latest innovation.


KONI Sport shocks are engineered for drivers seeking a thrilling driving experience. These shocks prioritize exceptional road grip and a comfortable ride, delivering responsive steering, reduced body roll, and limited body movements. With many of these sport shocks featuring adjustable settings, fine-tuning your vehicle's performance has never been easier. Elevate your driving experience with KONI Sport shocks.