KONI 2822 - Race Damper

The 2822 MKII Series is the latest offering from KONI, designed by their team of experienced engineers with a rich history in motorsports. Building on the proven technology of the 2812MKII, the 2822 series is a step up with its 4-way adjustability.

Unlike the 2-way adjustable 2812MKII, the 2822 is a high-pressure gas shock absorber with a double wall design and is specifically crafted for competitive driving. The two bump and two rebound adjusters can be fine-tuned while on the car and offer independent low and high speed adjustments.

The 2822 series stands out with its advanced adjustment cartridge that uses a superior method for controlling the opening and closing of valve-loaded ports, resulting in a consistent and accurate damping curve. Positive lock detents ensure that each port can only be in an open or closed state. The cartridges are available in different configurations to cater to various needs and requirements.

The low and high speed damping are generated by the piston area and not by rod displacement, which results in precise control over the damping forces with minimal phase lag. The bump adjuster has its own separate reservoir to provide extra oil flow, making the installation simple and lightweight.

All adjusters are completely independent and offer 8 predefined positions with distinct stops. The wide adjustment range is divided into equal steps, allowing for customization to meet specific needs. With its commitment to quality and close relationship with Dallara, KONI remains at the forefront of innovation and technology in motorsports.

KONI Race Dampers are a special order item, Please contact us for pricing and availability.