KONI - Racing Dampers

2612 Series

The 2612 series is an evolution of the highly successful 2812MKII two-way adjustable damper, which has been adopted by numerous racing teams for over a decade. The primary difference between the two is that the 2612 series features a smaller diameter and comes equipped with low friction components as standard.

2812 Series

KONI's commitment to advancing motorsport products has led to the development of the next-generation 2812 series. These dampers depart from traditional needle valve technology and instead incorporate a state-of-the-art adjustment cartridge that precisely regulates the opening and closing of valve-loaded ports. In response to customer demand, KONI has also introduced the 2812 Long Body series race damper, an extension of the 2812MKII Series, with a range of strokes from 114 to 224 mm.


2822 Series

 The 2822 series represents a major advancement over the 2812, as it features 4-way adjustability. This double wall, high pressure gas shock absorber is specifically designed for competition use and allows for full adjustability while installed on the vehicle. It boasts two adjustment dials for compression and two for rebound, giving drivers unparalleled control over their suspension.


3011 Series

The 3011 is a high-performance steel-bodied COIL OVER damper that features external double adjustability and a high-pressure gas-charged monotube design. Its patented construction enables separate adjustments for rebound and bump damping, delivering exceptional tuning flexibility. This damper is capable of accommodating 2.25" I.D. or 2.50" I.D. springs, making it a versatile option for various suspension setups.

8211 Series

The steel-bodied, externally double-adjustable coil-over damper has been a staple in the world of motorsports, having been utilized on World Champion Formula 1, Can-Am, and a multitude of other race car types. Its design allows for independent adjustment of bump and rebound damping, even while still installed on the vehicle, making it a highly convenient and versatile choice for racers.