KONI 2812 - Race Damper

Introducing the KONI 2812 & 2812MKII Series Mono Tube Low Speed Dampers - the epitome of KONI's leadership in damper technology. Designed for competitive motorsports, these dampers provide unparalleled adjustability and precision in controlling the damping forces generated at low speeds.

Unlike traditional needle valves, the advanced adjustment cartridges in the 2812 series control the opening and closing of valve-loaded ports, with positive lock detents ensuring accurate reproduction of eight pre-programmed damping curves. The main piston houses a pair of cartridges, one for bump and one for rebound, allowing for 64 different modifications to the basic valving. All forces are generated by the piston assembly, providing instant and precise control over the suspension.

The 2812 series do not require a separate bulky reservoir, making for a simple, compact, lightweight, and clean installation. Drivers will appreciate the noticeable difference between adjustment steps, while mechanics and race engineers will appreciate the ease of use and apparent "simplicity" of the dampers. And with their unbeatable price-to-quality ratio, buyers will not be disappointed.

Building on their commitment to improving motorsport products, KONI has developed the 2812 Long Body series race damper, an extension of the 2812MKII series. These dampers offer strokes ranging from 114 to 224 mm and feature an aluminium body and end cap, with top and lower mountings designed to fit 1/2" ID bearings. With two top mount options, with an adjustment window position of 0° or 90°, the 2812 Long Body series offers even greater versatility and control.

KONI Race Dampers are a special order item, Please contact us for pricing and availability.