KONI 2612 - Race Damper

The 2612 Series from KONI represents the company's commitment to delivering the highest level of performance in motorsport products. As a result of feedback from top racing teams, the 2612 Series was created to offer a compact design that optimizes weight, aerodynamics, and reduces friction.

Built on the proven technology of the 2812MKII two-way adjustable damper, the 2612 Series boasts a smaller diameter and standard low friction components. With stroke ranges from 29 to 109 mm, the 2612 series is designed for competition purposes and provides full adjustability once installed on a vehicle.

Precision adjustment mechanisms allow for maximum control over the damping forces generated, especially in the low speed range, and set the 2612 series apart from traditional damper designs. The advanced adjustment cartridge, as opposed to commonly used needle valves, controls the opening and closing of valve-loaded ports. Positive lock detents ensure each port can only be open or closed, resulting in the accurate reproduction of eight pre-programmed damping curves.

Various cartridges are available, each with its own set of characteristics. Two cartridges are housed in the main piston, one for bump and one for rebound, offering 64 different modification options for any given basic valving. The control of the damper over the suspension is immediate, precise, and smooth, as all forces are generated by the piston assembly. No separate bulky reservoir is required, resulting in a compact, lightweight, and clean installation.

The 2612 Series has been developed and used in the Formula 3 Euro Series and is standard equipment in the N.T. Formula S2000 series. KONI's reputation as a leader in damper technology is evident in the unique design and operation of the 2612 Series racing damper.

KONI Race Dampers are a special order item, Please contact us for pricing and availability.